* 1. Did the orientation to the hospital during your 1st visit meet your expectations?

* 2. Please rate the individual lectures/departments:

  Hated Did Not Like OK Liked Excellent N/A
Microbiology Lab/Infection Control
Cancer Care Center (Oncology)
Nuclear Medicine
Cardiac Center
Physical Therapy (Wednesday Class Only)
Sports Medicine
Burn Unit
Microsurgery w/ Dr. Buncke (Wednesday Class Only)
Diabetes Center
Activities Therapy
Brain Health Center (Thursday Class Only)

* 3. Which department was your favorite to visit? Please explain why.

* 4. Prior to attending the lecture series how clear were you about the area of healthcare you had an interest in or wanted to pursue?

* 5. For those who knew what area of healthcare you wanted to pursue, has the hospital experience furthered your interest? If so, how? If not, why not?

* 6. For those who DID NOT know what area of healthcare you wanted to pursue, how has the hospital experience influenced you?

* 7. Do you have a family member that has encouraged you to consider healthcare?

* 8. Any suggestions on how we can improve this hospital lecture series in the future?

* 9. Was there any departments you have interest in that were not available in this program?

* 10. Did you find the weekly questions and online department information helpful?