* 1. Are you a member of NMATA (New Mexico Art Therapy Association)? 

* 2. Are you a member of AATA (American Art Therapy Association)?

* 3. Please rate NMATA on the following:

  Poor Good Excellent No Opinion
Benefits/perks in being a member
Promoting Art Therapy
Being a presence in the community
Following Through
Facebook page
Being a resource for art therapists

* 4. How can NMATA help you professionally?

* 5. In what ways are you connecting with other art therapists and the art therapy community?

* 6. If you are not a member of NMATA, what would make you want to join?

* 7. What feedback do you have for NMATA that would encourage you to become  a member and get involved?

* 8. In what ways would you be willing to be involved with NMATA?  

* 9. Would you have any time or interest in getting involved with committees to help strengthen the organization and spread the word about art therapy and the work that we do as therapists?

* 10. Would you be willing to donate art work for fundraising?