The Minneapolis Public Schools Athletic Department is committed to self-study for the purpose of identifying program strengths and areas for improvement. The surveys are very important in gathering information necessary to accomplish this goal and to ensure that our programs are run at the highest level possible while teaching our student-athletes important life-long lessons. Please take time to provide the following feedback.

* 1. Student Information 

* 2. Please indicate if you agree or disagree to each of the following: 

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree Do not know
Playing on this team was a positive experience.
My coach taught the importance of being a good student and making positive decisions.
Adequate facilities were available for my team.
Team rules were enforced consistently and fairly.
I like being part of a high school athletic program.
Coaches were on time to practices and games.
Coaches taught rules, skills and strategies related to sport.
Coaches taught, demonstrated and encouraged good sportsmanship.
Coaches stressed academics, hard work and team unity.
Coaches helped players and team improve.
My team had the right amount of practices and games.

* 3. The best thing about playing on this team was: 

* 4. The worst thing about playing on this team was:

* 5. One thing I would like to improve is: 

* 6. Parent questions:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree Do not know
For what my child and I received this season, the athletic fee was reasonable.
The coaches communicated well with me and my child.