Thank you for taking this student survey. Your answers will be very important to our staff so that we can better help our students meet their educational goals. 

Each question provides an "Additional Comment" box for your convenience in case you wish to share your thoughts with us. We value your comments and will consider them for future program improvement.

Thank you!

* 1. Do your teachers clearly explain what you will need to do to complete your courses?

* 2. Do your teachers ask students to complete a survey at the conclusion of a course to gather input about students' experiences within the class?

* 3. Besides surveys, do your teachers ask for student input about ways that classroom teaching, learning, and materials could be improved?

* 4. Have you seen changes in your teachers' decisions about teaching, learning, and materials based on students' input?

* 5. Have you been asked to share your thoughts in any of your classes about topics that you would like your student council representative to share at Student Council meetings?

* 6. Have your teachers reviewed the Adult School's Mission Statement (posted on the classroom walls) in your classes and clearly described how your learning connects to this Mission Statement?

* 7. Have your teachers reviewed the Adult School's Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (on the walls of your classrooms) with you and your classmates and demonstrated how your learning connects with these outcomes?

* 8. Are learning materials in your classes up-to-date and relevant?

* 9. Do you think the Adult School's teaching, textbooks, and other learning materials reflect students' life experiences and the diversity of the student body?

* 10. Are there enough additional resources (dictionary, informational books, handouts, internet access) in your classes to help you with your learning?

* 11. Did you know that the Adult School has a study center that has desktop computers, online access, and teacher support for all enrolled students?

* 12. If you are taking an online class at the Adult School, are you satisfied with the curriculum and the support you receive from the teachers?

* 13. If you are taking an online class, do you feel it has real-world experience and application for you?

* 14. For each class session, how do you know what you are going to learn and the ways in which you will demonstrate your learning? (check all that apply)

* 15. How do YOU know that you have met (accomplished the work) the learning target for each classroom lesson?

* 16. How do your teachers  know you have met (accomplished the work) the learning target for each classroom lesson?

* 17. What methods do you use to accomplish the learning tasks while in your classes (check all that apply)?

* 18. My teachers use the following technologies in my classes (check all that apply)

* 19. Do your teachers discuss their evaluations (grading) of your work with you?

* 20. How do your teachers check to make sure you understand the course content and are making learning gains?

* 21. Do your classes provide instruction that will help you succeed in the real world technology environment?

* 22. How can your classrooms better prepare you for technology in the workplace or college?

* 23. Do you know where to receive information about the following? Check all that you are aware of.

* 24. Do you know who to talk to at the Adult School to find out information about continuing your education after the Adult School?

* 25. What is the best way for the Adult School to contact you after you have completed your academic goals at this school?

* 26. Have you attended an Adult School student orientation yet?