Geology & Geophysics Exit Interview

This exit interview is intended to provide feedback to the faculty and staff of the Department of Geology & Geophysics at the University of Utah. Please consider the questions seriously and comment candidly and completely. The best way to implement change is to first recognize a change is needed. Please add any comments abut the department that you think might improve the quality of the program or help better attract and retain students.

* 1. What attracted you to the Geology & Geophysics department?

* 2. What are your plans after graduating?

* 3. What were the best parts of your learning experience and why?

* 4. What were the worst parts of your learning experience and why?

* 5. How do you feel about the advising you received while in the program?

* 6. Did you participate in student clubs? (Please list if applicable)

* 7. Did you receive any financial assistance from the department? (Please list if applicable)

* 8. What would you do differently if you could do it over again?

* 9. Permanent address/email address (If you are willing, what would be the best way to contact you in the future? We would like to see if you think our program met your
needs after you are in another degree program or employed.)

In person, 15 minute interviews with the department chair or graduate/undergraduate faculty chairs are available and highly encouraged. To schedule an interview time, please go to In-Person Interview