Audio Pasture Tour Evaluation

Please help us improve future programming by giving feedback on the audio tour you just heard.

* 1. Did you use the audio tour while at the Best Management Practices farm, or elsewhere, such as a home computer?

* 2. Do you own a livestock farm?

* 3. Please rank each of the following items on a scale of 1-5 as to how valuable the information was to you in developing best management practices for your farm.

  1 (Not Valuable) 2 3 4 5 (Very Valuable)
1. Information on manure management.
2. Information on water quality management.
3. Information on pasture management.
4. Information on composting.
5. Information on environmental concerns.
6. Information on drainage systems.
7. Information on rotational grazing.
8. Information on a certified nutrient management plan.
9. Information on rain gardens.

* 4. Please rank the following concepts on a scale of 1 to 5 to indicate the extent that your knowledge changed after listening to the Audio Tour.

  1 (No increase in knowledge) 2 3 4 5 (Significant increase in knowledge)
1. How to properly use stress lots and rotational grazing.
2. How to decrease mud on the farm.
3. How to properly manage storm water runoff to decrease waterway pollutants.
4. How to compost manure properly.
5. How to choose pasture grasses.
6. How to properly store manure.
7. How to identify potential environmental risks.
8. What goes into a certified nutrient management plan.
9. How to construct a rain garden.
10. The purpose of a bioswale.

* 5. Please choose the answer that best describes your likelihood to complete the following actions on your farm.

  Already completed before this audio tour Plan to complete by the end of this year Plan to complete over the next 2 years Do not plan to complete
1. Renovate or add a proper manure storage
2. Write a nutrient management plan
3. Develop a plan to address watershed issues (i.e. a bioswale)
4. Develop a plan to decrease the storm water runoff that will negatively impact waterways (i.e. paddock drainage systems)
5. Develop a plan to implement a stress lot and rotational grazing
6. Develop a rain garden
7. Compost manure produced on farm

* 6. Does this overall program meet your farm needs?

* 7. Please tell us how this tour could be improved.