The Church of Santa Maria’s latest Photo Directory (a resource to help identify and contact your fellow parishioners) was created in 2009. Now, that information is almost 10 years out of date – many families in the 2009 directory have moved or passed away, children have grown up and no longer match their photos, and information has changed as parish staff are hired (or retired!), parishioners have added mobile numbers, or families have grown.

We are considering the possibility of creating a new Photo Directory, and this 3-question survey will help us gather your own family’s thoughts on the matter. Thank you for your help and time in completing it, and thank you for being a part of our parish!

* 1. If our parish were to create a new Photo Directory, which of the following ways would you want to access or use the Photo Directory (select all that apply):

* 2. What information would you/your family be willing to put in a Parish Directory to share with all registered parishioners (select all that apply):

* 3. If Santa Maria were to move forward with creating a new Photo Directory, how would you be willing to volunteer to make it happen?