Lead and Copper Survey

Thank you for your interest in participating with lead and copper monitoring. To maintain complete records, verify your home’s participation level and estimate your home’s risk factor, we ask that you complete this brief survey.

Upon verification of participation, a free test kit will be delivered by MWSD. It will be important to follow sampling procedures. The sample will need to be collected first thing in the morning before any other water is run/used. The ideal time for water to remain in pipes undisturbed is 6 hours. This allows for analyzing what is happening to the water and plumbing materials after the water is inactive overnight in the lines.

By completing the survey below, I agree to the terms of sample collection and participation.

The MWSD greatly appreciates your participation in this survey.

Please contact us at 931-728-4652 ext. 2002 or e-mail Dana Douglas at ddouglas@cityofmanchestertn.com with any questions.

* 1. Contact Information

* 3. Is there a water filter or softener of any type installed in the home?

* 4. What type of plumbing materials are used within the home?
Plumbing materials can be verified by inspecting the lines entering & exiting the water heater, and connections under sinks. If you are unable to verify materials, MWSD personnel can assist with verification.