Growing in Faith, Responding in Gratitude

"There are different kinds of gifts...but the same Spirit.  There are different kinds of service...but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working...but the same God works all of them in all people."   ~1 Corinthians 12:4

* 1. OSLC Board of Administration

* 2. Art Fund Committee - Determine art needs for the church and oversight of the M Neal Johnson Art Fund.

* 3. Evangelism - Sharing the good news of the gospel by inviting all to “come and see.” Develop activities and products that create a welcoming atmosphere to members and visitors.

* 4. Faith Formation and Development - Assist staff with developing Christ-centered education and activities for all ages.

* 5. Adult Ministry

* 6. Children’s Ministry

* 7. Youth Ministry

* 8. Finance - Develop fiscally prudent policies, guidelines, and best practices that ensure the wise management of the OSLC budget.

* 9. Legacy - Manage member memorial funds and determine expenditures that further the mission of OSLC.

* 10. Stewardship - Assist the pastor with the annual stewardship drive. Develop creative and effective ways of increasing giving.

* 11. Fellowship - Coordinate meals, treats and refreshment serving. Coordinate kitchen operations - maintenance, supplying and cleaning activities.

* 12. Health and Caring - Develop and carry out pastoral care activities. Advise the Parish Nurse and help guide the Parish Nurse program.

* 13. Personnel - Develop appropriate Human Resource policies and guidelines. Advise the board on appropriate management of personnel matters - health care, benefits, review and discipline processes.

* 14. Mission and Outreach - Manage an escrow account of a portion of OSLC’s annual operating budget and review grant proposals and distribute grants to deserving charitable organizations. Oversee and guide global and local mission sub-committees.

* 15. Property and Grounds - Ensure OSLC property is well cared for, clean, safe, and comfortable for members, staff and visitors. Advise the board on building maintenance needs - furnaces, roofs, driveways and request quotes for service.

* 16. Technology - Evaluate the status of current OSLC technology and replacement schedules. Determine and advise the board on technological improvements, Evaluate and maintain OSLC’s cybersecurity. Maintain staff PC’s.

* 17. Women’s Ministry - Develop and engage in a range of intergenerational ministries and activities centered around women fellowship.

* 18. Men’s Ministry

* 19. Worship Ministry - Develop and engage in activities designed to enhance worship.

* 20. Task Forces - A Task Force is a group gathered short-term for a specific purpose.

* 21. Please tell us a little about your profession or training. Indicate whether you are a student, adult or retired adult.

* 22. When you think about your involvement at OSLC, do you feel:

* 23. If you’ve taken Clifton’s Strength Finders, please share your 5 strengths. If you don’t know off the top of your head, please find out later and email the information to

* 24. Is there any way that you seek to serve at Our Savior's that was not listed on this form? If so, please specify here:

* 25. Please fill out the information below: