What is this all about?

Dangling the Local Carrot is my research project which asks the question, "How could we make local produce more accessible and more affordable in Metro Vancouver?"

In doing the research, my focus has narrowed to giving smaller, local, mixed-crop farmers better access to market and better return for their work. My solution is a Food Hub, but I need your help as experts in your fields (some of you are literally in fields!). I imagine this as a central facility in Vancouver, Burnaby or Richmond that would aggregate produce from smaller and medium size farms, clean and bunch as well as process as necessary. I am imagining that this is small to begin with, but scales up as farmers develop confidence in the Hub and as more farms join.

Can you help me establish the success metrics for a farmer-owned Produce Distribution Hub? In the following pages, I describe my ideas and ask for your opinions and input.

I am in a serious time crunch, so I would appreciate your answers before October 24. Thank you so much for your help.

Casey Hrynkow

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