To register for Cascadia's 2017 chipping program, please fill out the form below by September 30.

Cascadia Conservation District is partnering with the WA Department of Natural Resources to bring FREE chipping to you area!

* 1. CONTACT ME!  I will have wood to chip in fall 2017 and want to participate! Please send me the chipping program instructions and forms. Please note: we need your Chelan County property address, not your mailing address!

* 2. How many acres do you own?

* 3. How many acres will you treat with this chipping event? Please note that the limit per property per chipping event is 2.5 acres.

* 4. Have you participated in Cascadia's chipping program in the last 10 years? *Please note that if you did you need to treat a different portion of your property this year than you did in past years in order to be eligible.

* 5. Are you currently participating in a fuels reduction cost-share program with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources or Cascadia Conservation District? (Separate from this chipping program) *Please note that if you are currently under another contract you are not eligible for this chipping program.