By answering a few short questions, you can quickly learn whether it might be time to get some independent technology advice or feedback for your business. Soon after you submit your responses, you'll get a brief message from Digital West with your results.

* 1. What is your business email address?

* 2. Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what types of IT questions to be asking to plan for your business’s future?

* 3. Do your eyes ever glaze over (just a bit) when your staff describe your organization’s IT needs or challenges?

* 4. Are you so focused on growing your business and its core products or services that you may have neglected the IT side of the house? (Now be honest!)

* 5. Do you feel like you're lacking the necessary onsite staff expertise to continuously evaluate your IT needs, design solutions, deploy new processes and/or isolate and repair problems should they occur?

* 6. Do you have concerns about lacking the necessary financial resources to fully staff and support your data center and/or IT functions?

* 7. Do you sometimes wonder if your IT infrastructure should be assessed by an outside firm for potential vulnerabilities?

* 8. Has your company grown to the point that having clear separation of duties between departments is necessary?

* 9. Now look at your responses to Questions 2 - 8. Please indicate how many time you answered "Yes" to a question. (Note:  Once you submit your survey, you will receive an email in about two hours with feedback regarding your responses.)