Application Form for Resource Providers

GAAV’s Knowledge Exchange Initiative aims to strengthen national and local capacities through a flexible member-driven platform. This initiative will draw upon members’ rich experiences, allowing practitioners and their associated organisations to become resource providers to share expertise and best practice. On the other end, GAAV members can apply to become recipients to develop new skills or knowledge that will help them in their work to prevent and reduce armed violence. GAAV will serve as a facilitator of this initiative, connecting AVRP practitioners across countries, and providing a platform for south-south cooperation.

Please find below questions for potential resource providers. Applications are open until Monday 24 March 2014.

* First Name:

* Surname:

* Email:

* Phone:

* Gender:

* Organisation:

* Your Role/Position:

* Country (headquarters):

* At which operational levels do you mostly work (pick max 2):

* If other, please specify:

* GAAV resource providers will offer to share their knowledge, technical skills, experience in policy or programming, or, potentially a training agenda relevant to AVRP via the Knowledge Exchange Initiative. Please indicate which area (s) of work you would be most closely connected to as a resource provider? (You may pick more than one)

* If other, please specify:

* What type of work do you do (pick max 4):

* If other, please specify:

* Please describe the skills or knowledge that you would offer as a resource provider through the GAAV Knowledge Exchange Initiative (For instance, you could share experience on securing gun laws and policies, knowledge of how to establish crime observatories, a training on relevant international frameworks and how to implement agreements nationally/sub-nationally):

* What would be the key learning objectives of the course/training/exchange in which you would serve as a resource provider?

* In what type of contexts do you feel this learning opportunity would have most impact?

* Are you able to travel for an exchange? Do you have capacity to receive an applicant?

* What is your preference in terms of the arrangements to serve as a resource provider in the exchange?

* In terms of time frames and formats, what would be your preference? (For instance, a two day face-to-face training followed by three online meetings)

* GAAV will provide very limited sponsorship where necessary for a select few cross-country exchanges. What type of financial support would you potentially require for this exchange to take place?

* If other, please specify:

* Final Comments: