Green Drive Oakville. Tell us what you think!

The Halton Environmental Network (HEN) is a local for-impact and not-for-profit organization working with the Small Change Fund to explore how we can help Oakville’s homeowners make their homes more environmentally-friendly when it comes to their vehicles. This project is called Green Drive Oakville and we are exploring options for electric vehicle chargers and permeable driveways. If you own and live in a semi- or detached house in Oakville, click below to answer this short, confidential survey. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. 


Many homes in Oakville can be made more environmentally friendly through upgrades to the infrastructure that supports your vehicles. We’d like to know more about what you have done or would consider doing at your home. We’ll use this information to help us decide how we can encourage Green Drive Oakville in the future. Your own answers are confidential, but we’ll also share results back with the community.

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* 3. Do you, or your family, currently own or lease any of the vehicle(s) below? (select all that apply)

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