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* 1. To facilitate open access to scholarship, many universities have established institutional repositories for faculty to voluntarily deposit the full text of their scholarly works.
* making it accessible on the free web
* meeting funder public access mandates
* providing scholars with metrics about use of their contributions

Should Villanova University create an institutional repository?

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* 2. Some universities have set up open access fee funds to defray expenses for scholars because there are a variety of journal models that rely on publication fees. There is mounting evidence that open access articles enjoy a citation advantage.
* Gold Open Access journals; do not charge subscription fees, offer free web access to all and many charge authors processing charges.
* Hybrid Open Access journals; do charge subscription fees to libraries or charge by the article, but also offer authors the option to pay to make an paper freely available.

Should Villanova University establish an open access fee fund?

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* 3. A growing number of faculties at universities have adopted open access policies. The overarching objectives of open access policies are:

* to increase access to scholarship
* enhance preservation
* improve authors rights to their own scholarship through retention of copyrights

These policies typically obligate faculty to deposit their scholarly journal articles in open access institutional repositories or subject repositories. Waivers and opt out hatches are included in most open access policies.

Should Villanova University faculty begin formal deliberations about adopting an open access policy?

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* 4. Would you like to share any comments about open access?