About this Survey

The Adams County Opioid Council is currently reviewing applications for the first round of the Adams County Opioid Abatement Grant. We value community input and would like to hear your thoughts on the preliminary recommendations for funding.

What Process Did the Council Follow? 
  • 13 proposals were submitted and were initially vetted by a group of content experts using this scoring matrix.
  • Voting members of the council reviewed applications and considered input from the vetting committee on February 22nd.
  • They identified clarifying questions for several of the applicants, which are currently being addressed.
For a more detailed look at the process and timeline to date click HERE

What Did the Council Decide? 
  • The council tentatively plans to fully fund applications that scored a 3 or higher and is considering partially funding applications that scored between a 2 and 3.
  • It is possible that some scores may be adjusted based on the additional information applicants are currently being asked to provide. 
  • The amounts that will be awarded depend on information being requested from applicants, including if programming would be possible with partial funding and how much. 
You can view an overview of the applicants and their scores HERE.