* 1. Imagine you are buying a new computer. You walk into the computer store and find a computer that has all the hardware you're looking for, is a good price, and the salesman assures you it can work with all the programs you're used to using on your current computer. The catch is that it's not Windows or Mac. Would you consider buying it? If yes, please write "yes." If not, please explain what it would take to get you to consider it.

* 2. What are the top 3 things you look for when buying a new computer?

* 3. I currently pay for the following extra services for my computer (choose all that apply):

* 4. I absolutely require the following minimum level of support for my computer:

* 5. I will not buy a computer if the following programs don't work on it (even if a very similar completely compatible substitute program is available).

* 6. I will not buy a computer if it can't do the following things:

* 7. I bought my last computer at:

* 8. My two biggest problems with my current computer are:

* 9. I wish my computer could do the following:

* 10. My demographics

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