The Airy Arm is a 3D printable hand exoskeleton for children and adults with limited hand use due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, hemispherectomy, or other upper motor neuron conditions.  Still in the early design stages, it may someday provide those with hemiparesis the ability to open and close their hand.  Designers of the Airy Arm seek a child or adult in the Rochester, New York, area to serve as a test candidate for measurements and function.  You must be able to visit Rochester Institute of Technology approximately once per week.  To learn more about the Airy Arm, click here.

By completing this survey, you acknowledge that you live within 50 miles of Rochester, New York, and are willing to travel there once per week to meet with designers, have measurements taken of your (your child's) arm, and test out the design of the Airy Arm.  You will be reimbursed for your roundtrip mileage only at the current Internal Revenue Service rate for mileage reimbursement.