This checklist is to be used by someone elected to or appointed to this position. It may also be used by someone interested in pursuing this position in the future.
Use the following scale to assign a rate of achievement of each of the following strengths.


5 = Expert:
Operates from a deep understanding of the strength. Highly skilled analytic ability.

4 = Proficient:
Demonstrates strength. Learns from previous experience and identifies strategies that need to be modified to meet a new situation.

3 = Competent:
Demonstrates strength, is coordinated and confident in his/her actions.

2 = Advanced Beginner:
Has prior experience in the identified strength. Requires additional knowledge, support and coaching. Recommend additional courses from Leadership Pathway.

1 = Novice:
Has no prior experience in the identified strength. Requires continual support and coaching. Recommend basic/foundation coursesfromn Leadership Pathway.

UTE = Unable to Evaluate:
The member does not feel able to evaluate this area due to lack of time in their volunteer role.