This survey is for families with a child aged 5-18 with challenging behaviour and difficulties in the school system. If you have more than one child with challenging behaviours please complete a survey for each child.

The information you provide will assist with:

- getting data on the number of students being fully or partially excluded from school because of their behaviour
- the impact of this exclusion on families
- our systemic advocacy work in promoting changes that enable all children to participate in school, both socially and academically
- our project work in developing workshops and resources for schools to help them to understand and respond to students with very complex needs

All responses will be treated with confidentiality and we do not share any personal details with third parties. All responses will be de-identified before any findings are reported on.

Thank you for participating.

* 1. What are some of your child's challenging behaviours?

* 2. Does your child have a diagnosis?

* 3. Does your child attend school?

* 4. What type of school does your child attend?

* 5. Has your child ever been suspended due to behaviour

* 6. Has your child ever been expelled due to behaviour?

* 7. Have you had to move schools because of a reason related to behaviour?

* 8. Have you ever felt that there is a Mental Health aspect to your child's behaviour?

* 9. Thinking about the times when school has worked for your child, what was your level of involvement in their schooling?

* 10. If school has worked, what are some of the positive factors?

* 11. What is your child's age?

* 12. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 13. Finally, if you would like to know about our work in understanding challenging behaviour, education, and other areas, please  provide your contact details below. (optional)