* 1. Which appeals to you more?

* 2. Where do you buy most of your books?

* 3. If given the choice, which kind of bookstore do you prefer to buy from?

Questions 4-7 are directed at e-reader owners. If you don't own one, skip past them.

* 4. Which do you read more?

* 5. Do you acquire ebooks illegally (i.e. torrents, file-sharing sites, files copied from a friend, etc.)?

* 6. Do you find you read more or less than you did before you owned your ereader?

* 7. If you own an iOS/Android/equivalent device, do you regularly read books on that?

* 8. Provided you do not own one, if e-readers become cheap enough for you to consider, would you buy one?

* 9. If you are opposed to ereaders, why?