1. US friends enter your info here! Int'l friends, next question is for you! :)

2. International friends enter your info here! US friends can skip this one :)

3. What size do you wear in tanks? (Tanks typically fit true to size to most women's brands, vs. our tees and sweatshirts which are unisex cut and fit one size bigger. For a unisex tank, go up one or two sizes from what you normally wear.)

4. What size do you usually wear in our unisex cut tees and sweatshirts? (Women- if you prefer a more fitted look, go one size down from your normal sizing, if you like it a little extra comfy, pick your normal size. Men- go true to size.)

5. Which style tops do you want us to send you? (Pick all that apply!)

6. What animal do you want us to do a design for a new tee of?

7. What colors do you like to wear the most? (choose as many as you'd like)

8. What type of design on a top do you like best?

9. Which classic shirts would you like to see us bring back? (choose as many as you'd like!)

10. What's your favorite non profit, who would you like us to do a benefit tee for?

11. What specific or general issue facing animals and the Earth would you like us to design a tee to raise awareness of?

12. These videos make us happy. Which do you like best? (Cut and paste each link into your browser to watch!)

13. We picked our fave shows from childhood. Any of these your fave too?

14. These are each of our fave bands. Do you like one too? Or none? (Pick the one you like best!)

15. What's your favorite book from this list? (These are our current favs! We're trying to see who from our team you have the most similar taste to.)

16. What's your ideal vacation? (These are ours! Pick the one you like best.)

17. What's your fave magazine?

18. Of these, what's your most favorite print on clothes?

19. Which membership are you signing up for?

20. Have you purchased your membership yet?