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Presenting Sponsor Yardi Canada Ltd. along with Gold sponsors, participating companies and Informa Connect are currently surveying Canadian multi-family tenants. The results will be used to further educate and provide essential information to owners, managers and advisers about what renters really want today. 
The producers of this survey understand that COVID-19 has been very disruptive to many in a very short period of time. Considering this, we hope that you are able to answer this survey with the understanding that our current social and economic state is temporary. We also know that the prize money will be very useful in 2020 and will announce the winners at our earliest opportunity after the conclusion of the survey. We have added questions to provide feedback on your landlord's response to COVID-19 and whether this experience will change your rental preferences. Otherwise, we do ask you for many questions to recall your attitudes Pre-COVID-19, or to look beyond the current social and economic conditions created by COVID-19.

"...these surveys...contribute to our quality of life.”
“Winning a prize is just one extra amazing thing to celebrate; these surveys help create valuable information that contribute to our quality of life.”
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“I entered this survey wanting to help the organization, as I am the type of person whom helps when I can. I NEVER Thought I’d win!!! Especially The Grand Prize! Which honestly couldn’t have come at a better time, seeing as how I am currently pregnant, this money will help greatly with getting ready for this angel. As well I have plans to give My Son a Wonderful Christmas surprise!!! I am so excited about this and just want to say Thank You!”

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“When I filled the survey I did it so my opinion would be heard and hopefully contribute to better living spaces and communities. I have never won anything like this before and didn’t even think I had a chance of winning. I am incredibly happy that the prize is actually real. Now I can start planning something nice :)”

“Take a chance like I did...”
“Take a chance like I did...fill out your survey... you just may be a winner”

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