This 3-minute survey helps South Salt Lake decide whether or not to offer green waste pickup.

We have been listening to resident requests and have heard many residents say convenient composting of green waste in curbside bins would be a valuable city service. Green waste includes yard waste, garden debris, and some fresh food waste.

The city is conducting a survey to find out the level of interest in making this service available at a cost. Garbage service is currently paid by a combination of property tax and fees. The city is considering a fully fee-based, optional green waste service in order to fairly recoup the cost.

Please complete the GREEN WASTE SURVEY to help us determine if South Salt Lake should offer this option through ACE Disposal. If over 25% of residents commit to participating, the city can offer this optional green waste service (with fee).

More information on green waste can be found on the city website under "City News." 

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* 1. Are you interested in curbside green waste bins?

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