* 1. Considering your LED lighting needs, do you consider yourself to be?

* 2. I will be purchasing new LED lighting fixtures in....

* 3. Rate these features in order of importance to you?

  Most Important Least Important
Initial Cost
Return on Investment
Design Support
Product Features
Energy Savings
New Technology
Maintenance Savings
Legal Compliance
Ease of Installation

* 4. How can Gallium help you solve problems or save you time at your job?

  Most Important Least Important
Design Solutions
Technical Support
Offering More Products
Demonstrate Maintenance Savings
Demonstrate Energy Savings
Demonstrate Leading-edge LED Lighting Technology (Light-Fi)

* 5. If an LED lighting system could offer WIRELESS communications throughout a building complex in a more secure, faster manner than Wi-Fi, and even offer navigation capabilities, would it be a desirable feature?