Is There Any Way To Make Fell's Point Safer?

The Fell's Pointer is conducting this survey as a forum to collect public opinion on the matter of neighborhood safety and security. Although you may find a couple joke responses herein, we would seriously like to hear your opinions and safety ideas.
The results from this survey will be summarized and your comments may also be used anonymously for an article in the November Fell's Pointer. If you have a lot to say, why not write an article yourself?
The Fell's Pointer is a forum for neighbors to discuss important issues in the community. The variety of options you see below are not they opinions of the Fell's Pointer or its writers, they are lists designed to allow neighbors to express a wide range of feelings they may have. Some come from listening to Alex, neighbors, and Zeke Cohen throw ideas around in the aftermath of the stabbing.
We will also make survey results available to our City Councilman Zeke Cohen to share with policymakers as some feedback from his constituents! So please give your best ideas.

* 1. What do you think would actually make our streets safer? (select as  many as apply)

* 2. Should neighbors re-start a "Citizens on Patrol" type walking program?

* 3. Is policing primarily a matter of increasing the number of police or patrols?

* 4. Which type of cops do you think are effective? (Select as many as apply)

* 5. Do we need more cameras on side streets as well as in the main business areas?

* 6. Are the homeless a problem in Fell's Point?

* 7. Is aggressive panhandling a problem in Fell's Point?

* 8. Should the police be more active in dealing with loitering and panhandling in Fell's Point?

* 9. Do you think the proposed Waterfront Partnership extension into Fell's Point, and the accompanying business Tax, is a good solution (or part of a good solution) to Safety issues?

* 10. Do you feel that any of these security methods violate privacy or disrupt the quality of life for locals?