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We are not an island when it comes to changes in the book industry. Please give us as much honest feedback as possible so we can stay funky yet relevant for the island community for years to come.

For starters, please let us know how often you're on Nantucket:

* 2. What are the top 3 items you shop for at Bookworks?

* 3. What are your main reasons for shopping at Bookworks?

* 4. What are your main reasons for not shopping at Bookworks?

* 5. We've been working hard to add services in the last few years. Please click the items you knew about before this leading question :-)

* 6. We're always looking, Dear Reader, for ways to serve you better. Would you value the following events or services?

* 7. With sales of paper books declining & ebooks rising, we may be able to devote more space to other items. Which of the following would you like to see?

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* 9. If you read E-Books (on any device other than a Kindle), what would help convince you to try purchasing Google E-Books from nantucketbookworks.com?

* 10. Clearly there's much to ponder in the future of cozy little Bookworks. I'm sure I've failed to ask many a relevant question, but ten seems like enough. Thank you and please use the space below for any further comments.

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