1. Survey questions

* 1. What are the five important Internet-related issues in your country?
(you will be able to choose only five of the suggested answers below)

  Most Important More Important Important Somewhat Important Least Important
The price of the Internet access in my country - it is too expensive
The speed of the Internet connection is very slow
Competition among Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Freedom of speech
Using free and open source software at servers or workstations
Introduce Internet-related education at primary schools
Introduce Internet-related education at high schools
Connect all the Universities in one network
Introduce licenses on the ISPs
Remove all licensing and registration for ISPs
Ensure privacy for the users
Ensure anonymous access to the Internet
Build free wi-fi network in the cities
Provide as many licenses for mobile operators as possible
ID theft
destruction of moral values, pornography, etc.
enabling terrorist groups to do bad things
I get too much spam in my mailbox
Poor connectivity in rural and remote area
Negative impact of ICT and the Internet on human health
Negative impact of ICT on the environment