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Welcome to the first half of the membership application. We promote a national day of fasting on the 15th of every month, water only for 24 hours. The monthly fast for peace is an opportunity for Americans of all classes, colors, and creeds to demonstrate a shared intention and effort to promote peace in our communities, all while improving our individual mental and physical health.

One man who used fasting as a tool for self-improvement and nonviolent social change was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as the Mahatma, or "great soul." This founding father of India chronicled his early efforts in his autobiography, subtitled "My Experiments with Truth." encourages encourages members to experiment in their own lives on a Gandhi-inspired path to self-improvement. Internal peace breeds external peace. 

All adults who are able are invited to join in the monthly fast for peace, but our membership goals are for quality, not quantity. This application process, and the 30/15/50 vow of self-improvement, is designed to be a low, but real, barrier for membership in By applying, you're demonstrating your willingness to "put skin in the game" and participate in promoting peace in ourselves and those around us.  Be the change you want to see in the world!

Your answers on this application are voluntary, but will be used to a) encourage you to reflect on your life, b) collect data to help future participants, and c) weed out non-human applicants.  You can skip or decline to answer any questions after the first page, except those related to affirming the 30/15/50 vow of self-improvement.

After submitting this with the $5 application fee, it will be reviewed by a real human, and you'll receive a personalized confirmation email with tips on how to succeed at meeting your goals. After 30 days, we'll send you the second half of the application to confirm you've kept your vow.

We look forward to fasting for peace with you on May 15th!

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* Do you plan to take the 30/15/50 vow of self-improvement at the end of this application?

The vow is to:
Abstain from using alcohol for 30 days.
Fast (consume water only) for 24 hours on May 15, 2019.
Walk 50 miles over the course of one year.

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* What is your 5 digit US zip code? If you live outside of the US, please enter the name of the country you live in.

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* What is your email address?