We've crowdfunded to bring The Period Place to life - an actual, physical space that you can visit to talk about periods, learn about periods, and buy reusable period products!
Our mission is to make Aotearoa the first country to achieve period equity (by 2030) and to do this we have identified the need to create a multipurpose safe space for people with periods and those who support them.

We believe Aotearoa needs an inclusive space to:

  • Facilitate holistic discussions between experts and the public (periods and gender, periods and nutrition, periods in the workplace, etc) through our 12-month period education programme

  • Provide resources for people to further the period learning journey such as books, brochures, games, and learning tools

  • Host The Period Place team and volunteer day-to-day operations, including a single distribution hub to send period products all around the country

  • Ensure immediate access is available to free period products and education for people who need them, in three-month supply kits

  • Host a marketplace with reusable period products from brands around Aotearoa, bringing the first permanent reusable marketplace to life, ensuring people can come and learn about reusable period products in a safe space, and feel the product ranges before investing in them

  • Host exciting collaborations with industry partners, opening up the space to new networks constantly who can support our mahi, and also access our support.
But first, we need your thoughts! Got an idea? We are all ears!
Nga mihi

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Why do you think a space like this is needed?