* 1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

(Name and email address are only required if you wish to be entered into draw for free ECCO membership and/or a free memory stick).

* 2. Are you in training? If so, what year of training are you in?

* 3. Are you a pediatric gastroenterology trainee?

* 4. What city and country do you work in?

* 5. Have you already undertaken a dedicated period of research? (e.g. PhD etc.)

* 6. Do you intend to undertake research during your Gastroenterology training? If yes, please specify why - tick all that apply. N.B. these responses are anonymous

* 7. If no, please tell us why not?

* 8. Would you be able to undertake a dedicated period of research (e.g. PhD) at the hospital / institution where you are currently working?

* 9. I would consider undertaking a period of research in another country if the opportunity became available

* 10. I know how go about obtaining funding for a research project