SWAN Evaluation / SWAN 社会调查

SWAN is always trying to improve our services. We would like to hear from you. Please let us know what you think about the services we provide in order to support you better in the future.
SWAN 致力于为我们的客户提供更完善的服务,我们重视客户反馈。请您提出您的宝贵意见,以便使我们更好的为您服务。

* 1. SWAN offers a safe space to access services and information or to ask questions.
1. SWAN 提供一个安全的场所,为您提供各项服务和信息,并解答问题。

* 2. I feel supported by SWAN.
2. 我觉得SWAN 支持我。

* 3. I have learned things from either the staff, volunteers or website that help me stay healthy or safe.
3. 我从SWAN的职员,义工和网站学到了安全和保健信息。

* 4. I found out about programs, resources or information in the community and how to access them/it.
4. 我通过SWAN 查找到有关社区信息,课程,和资源,并了解到如何获取这些信息。

* 5. I can better manage challenges that arise at work due to accessing SWAN's services and information.
5. 通过SWAN的服务和信息,我学会了更好的应对工作中遇到的挑战。

* 6. I feel more connected to my community.
6. 通过SWAN, 我觉得跟社区增进了了解。

* 7. What was the most beneficial thing about accessing SWAN? (For example, it might be something you learned, something you experienced or a person you met.)
7. 通过接触SWAN,令您受益最深的是什么? (比如,学到了一些东西,经历了一些什么,或者遇到了什么人)

* 8. What other services would you like SWAN to provide?
8. 您还希望SWAN能给您提供哪些方面的帮助?

Thank you for taking time to evaluate SWAN. The feedback you have given will help us to improve our services.