What is YOU(th) Decide?

YOU(th) Decide aims to empower youth age 12-17 to make educated decisions regarding their gambling behaviors, and prepare communities to work together to prevent underage gambling.

Why me?

As a parent/guardian, your influence in your youth’s life is paramount . By signing this pledge, you are agreeing to take the action steps (below) to enhance your relationship with your youth, improve your youth’s decision making skills, and continue to guide them towards healthy choices. Expressing your disapproval about underage gambling can help them avoid relationship problems, depression, delinquency, and suicide.

The Pledge

I pledge to :

1. Talk with my youth about the risks of underage gambling. Youth take parental disapproval regarding underage gambling into consideration when they’re presented with gambling opportunities.  

2. Help my youth avoid gambling opportunities by telling them that activities like scratch-offs, 50/50 raffles, and card games for money are intended as adult activities.

3. Let family and friends know that underage gambling is not acceptable. Help them with gift and entertainment ideas that aren’t gambling related.

I understand that my actions will make a difference. I pledge to continue to help my youth because their future is important to me.

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