Clients have a right to raise complaints and to have those complaints examined and resolved in a fair, reasonable and timely manner. Clients are given information about how to make a complaint (refer to Client Grievance Policy).

The policy and procedure set out below is intended to be used by a client of YDAS who wishes to make a complaint.

YDAS believes that clients have the right to make a complaint if they are in any way dissatisfied with YDAS. Complaints will be addressed and resolved thoroughly, promptly and in confidence.

YDAS acknowledges and supports the right of the client to seek external assistance and support to resolve a complaint against YDAS.

YDAS will encourage feedback, constructive criticism, input, debate and discussions. The level of complaints will not be seen as a negative measure of performance, but rather as an openness to continuously reflect upon and improve the quality of service.