1. Opening comments

The Board of Directors of the Merriconeag Waldorf School are actively exploring ways in which to both grow and diversify our enrollment. We are therefore conducting an anonymous survey in an effort to better understand the demographics of the Merriconeag community. We are hopeful that all families will participate. The greater the participation, the clearer our understanding will be of our constituency. The information compiled will be used in our ongoing review of admissions and tuition policies. We are exploring ways in which both to grow and diversify our enrollment.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

* 1. How many K-12 school age children are in your household?

* 2. How many children in your household are attending undergraduate college?

* 3. Does your family currently receive tuition assistance?

* 4. How many family members currently work outside of the home?

  1 2
Full time
Part time

* 5. Please estimate your gross annual household income:

* 6. To fund tuition at Merriconeag, do you primarily rely on:

* 7. Please estimate what percentage of your tuition payments come from:

* 8. What percentage of your gross annual household income are you able to devote to tuition payments?

* 9. Are you personally aware of any families interested in our school who do not send their children to Merriconeag because of financial considerations?