NAMRC Nominations: Eligibility

All Directors must have been a member of the Association and NRA for at least one year prior to the date of election, or since the last NAMRC’s Annual Business Meeting. Also, to be eligible for election to a Board seat, the candidate must have served as a committee chair on the national or state level, a very active committee member on the national level or demonstrated service at the state level as an officer or Board member.

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* 1. President-Elect shall (2 yr. term, Jan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2020):
a) Assume the above duties of the President in his/her absence;

b) Become President in the event of resignation or an otherwise inability of the current President to fulfill their term of office;

c) Become President following the completion of the term of the incumbent President, e.g.,  Jan. 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022;

d) Serve on the Executive Committee

e) Supervise the following Standing Committees: Membership and Coalition Development and Public Relations and Marketing Development;

f) Assume assignments or other duties as needed and determined by the President; and

g) Serve as the Chair of the Board, oversees the Board meetings and assists the president in developing the Board agenda.

Please list nominations below.

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* 2. Secretary shall (2 yr. term, Jan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2020):
a) Record minutes of all Association, Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings;

b) Mail, e-mail, or fax minutes of all meetings to the Board members at least seven (7) days prior to the next scheduled meeting;

c) Mail, e-mail, or fax notices and all other designated information of the Association or Board Meetings;

d) Possess a copy of all of the Association’s minutes under his/her term, NRA and NAMRC’s Bylaws, list of Standing Committees (Chairs and members);

e) Maintain a record of attendance of Board members at designated meetings;

f) Work with the membership chair to maintain up to date list of active Association members;

g) Remind committee chairs to post reports five (5) days before the next scheduled Board meeting;

h) Serve on the Executive Committee;

i) Develop and maintain current Board directory for Board members, web site, and newsletter of the Association;

j) Assist the President and Board Chair in developing and posting the agenda;

k) Work with the Treasurer, President and Conference Committee in posting the conference call information; and

l) Chair the Public Relations and Marketing Development.

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* 3.
NAMRC General Board Member(2 yr term, Jan 1, 2019-Dec 31, 2020)

 Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors:

The Board shall have the power to conduct the affairs of the Association, subject to limits of the Bylaws of the Association and decisions of the general membership delegation.

Its authority shall include, but not be limited to the following:

a) Conduct necessary business between meetings of the Association;

b) Meet at least four (4) times during the fiscal year;

c) Report to the Association membership on all business;

d) Establish policies and procedures relative to the Association, including, proposed resolutions and other policy statements to the membership;

e) In concert with the president, act to fill Board vacancies which occur between elections;

f) Meet at the call of the President; 

g) Prepare and adopt an annual budget, and authorize its officers to carry out the activities set forth in the budget in concurrence with the President;

h) Secure funds from sponsors or alternative sources for either specific or general program purposes in concurrence with the President;

i) Serve as chair of a Standing Committee and may hold membership, chair an Annual Conference Committee, or chair subcommittees as designated by the President;

j) Establish membership dues subject to the Association’s approval and the approval of the NRA Board of Directors;

k) Serve as the final judge of the results of the Association’s elections;

l) Authorize all business transactions excluding amendments to the Bylaws of the Association, except as may be delegated to the Executive Committee;

m) Participate in all official Board meetings. A Board member must notify the President if he/she is not able to participate in a particular meeting. Each Board member is allowed to miss only two meetings, after which he/she will receive, notice from the President regarding his/her status. Absence from three meetings without approval will constitute an automatic termination from the Board. This provision may be waived by the Board based on a determination of extenuating circumstances;

n) Expect to attend the NAMRC’s Annual Training Conference and participate in the Board meeting, the general and business meetings at the Conference;

o) Participate in strategic planning of the Association, which will be reviewed every two (2) years by the Board. Periodically, the Board members will participate in a Board Retreat to review and revise the Strategic Plan, conducted by a facilitator;

p) Assist in the operation and function of the Chapter, if there is one in the state of the Board member. If not, the Board member will assist in activities to develop a Chapter in his/her state;

q) Maintain oversight of the planning and coordination of the NAMRC’s Annual Training Conference; serve on Conference Committees as necessary, approve Conference site, theme, budget and registration fees; and

r) Ask the President to appoint an assistant to any elected officer to help perform/carry out duties and responsibilities as stated in the Bylaws and otherwise assigned by the President.

NAMRC will elect four General Board members.  Please list nominations below.

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* 4. NRA Board Representative shall ( 3 yr. term, Jan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2021):
a) Be elected by the membership and be an active Board Member with full voting privileges;

b) Attend NRA Board meetings on behalf of the Association and represent the interest of the Association at the NRA Board meetings;

c) Communicate NRA issues to the Board and the Association;

d) Work diligently with the Legislative Committee and the NRA Conference Committee;

e) Serve a three-year term;

f) Provide a written report for the Board after each NRA Board meeting and a written summary regarding all NRA Board activities;

g) Provide a written annual report of the year’s information and activities which will be submitted to the President by the end of December; and

h) Inform the President of the Association of his/her inability to attend a designated meeting according to NRA’s policies. (See Article 9, Section 2: l).

i) Prepare appropriate written reports to the NRA board on behalf of NAMRC

j) Serve as a member of the NAMRC Executive Committee

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