McHenry County Animal Control (MCAC) Survey

McHenry County Animal Control (MCAC) is looking forward to meeting with you and working with you on information gathered from this survey.  Please fill out this simple 10 question survey by Monday April 17th and let us know when we can meet with your Officers.  We appreciate your input.   McHenry County Animal Control looks forward to collaborating with you to better serve our community. 

* 1. Please provide three dates and times between May - September 2017 for us to meet with your department

* 2. Please provide best contact information including:  Name/Title, Address, Email and Phone

* 3. McHenry County Animal Control (MCAC) is governed by the Animal Control State Statue, 501 ILCS 5/ Animal Control Act. – Illinois General Assembly. You can find this act at . 
MCAC employees Code Enforcement Officers who enforce Article 6 of the McHenry County Public Health Ordinance which can be viewed at  Please type any questions you may have of MCAC or regarding the act or ordinance and we will do our best to answer those questions when we meet.

* 4. Do you have accommodations to house dogs or cats in your facility overnight?

* 5. Would you be interested in having access to our facility after hours to drop off dogs or cats?

* 6. Would you be interested in sending one of your officers to an Animal Handling Class we are having at MCAC in May?

* 7. Please provide name and contact information for Officer who would attend:

* 8. Are you familiar with the MCAC Officer shifts and how to contact an Officer at MCAC?

* 9. Being strictly code enforcement, MCAC Officers do not carry guns and are not equipped with body armor.  MCAC Officers are interested in training that would keep them safe when they are called by police to remove animals from volatile situations. If you are aware of training you think would be beneficial to MCAC Officers in these situations please provide information about that training below.  We appreciate your input.

* 10. If you would be interested in receiving information about: dogs we have deemed dangerous, animal cruelty cases, and hoarding cases we are working on in your city/village please provide a contact information below: