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* 2. This evaluation will help the instructor determine how to improve on future presentations. Your cooperation in completing this survey will certainly enhance the process. You will remain anonymous, the transmission is not set to record your identity with any particular response; so feel free to indicate your candid opinion. Thank you.

Please select the best option in each of the following:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. A course outline/syllabus was given to me at the beginning of the course.
2. The instructor made his/her grading policy clearly understood at the beginning of the course.
3. The instructor gave and graded an adequate number of assignments, in my opinion, to adequately measure learning.
4. Class assignments and exams were promptly graded and returned.
5. The instructor appeared to have thorough knowledge of the subject area.
6. The instructor was always well prepared for class.
7. The instructor communicated clearly.
8. The instructor always made good use of class time.
9. The instructor always made good use of examples and illustrations.
10. The instructor demonstrated enthusiasm for the subject matter of this course.
11. The instructor was concerned that students learned the material.
12. This instructor stimulated interest in the subject matter.
13. I learned a great deal about the subject area from this instructor.
14. Course assignments contributed to my understanding of the subject.
15. This class met regularly, on time, and as scheduled.
16. This instructor was always available for consultations and kept appointments.
17. In this class, students felt free to express opinions and ask questions.
18. In my opinion, this course has prepared me for the next advanced course in this field.
19. I would recommend this instructor to fellow students.
20. This course improved my understanding of concepts and principles in this field.
21. This course helped to enhance my ability to express ideas in writing.
22. This instructor's overall performance in this course is: