ENTREDU Project Overview

The EU project ENTREDU recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship cross-curricular spectrum education. As such it aims to design and develop a socially‐empowered multilingual Portal that will highlight significant opportunities and challenges for innovation enabling a more effective exploitation of the rich but disperse entrepreneurship cross-curricular spectrum educational content available in the digital repositories across Europe. ENTREDU aims to enable networking between developers of entrepreneurship education, to create an online community of practitioners and thus to support educators in the development of pedagogies, concepts and cross-curricula for entrepreneurship education through an online platform. Overall the ENTREDU project aims to improve school entrepreneurship cross-curricular spectrum education through a very simple and attractive platform for teachers and learners that will include teaching materials, guidelines for teachers and good practice examples (in different areas, levels and types of education). This will provide incentives and opportunities for teachers to collaborate and contribute to the overall development of schools as learning environments.

More information can be found at the project web site: