1. General Information

Thank you for participating in Antigua Sailing Week 2013. We hope you had a great regatta! We would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire so we can continue Antigua Sailing Week for 2014. The confidentiality of your response is assured but if you prefer to answer this survey anonymously please fill in only those personal details you feel comfortable providing.

* 1. Please provide us with your name:

* 2. Please confirm your email address:

* 3. Did you race?

* 4. If no, please tell us in what capacity you were involved in Antigua Sailing Week and then answer the questions in the survey that are relevant to your experience.

* 5. What is the name of the boat you raced on?

* 6. What is the length of the boat?

* 7. In what capacity did you participate?

* 8. In which Class did you compete?

* 9. How many crew were on the boat including the helmsman?

* 10. When did you arrive and depart Antigua?

* 11. On what dates was your racing boat in Antigua?

* 12. Where do you reside?

* 13. How did you learn about Antigua Sailing Week?

* 14. Did you come to Antigua specifically for Antigua Sailing Week, or did you come for another reason?

* 15. Where did you moor your boat while in Antigua?