Procedure to Clear Up Fear of Failure and of Success

Empowerment for Mainstreaming Hanna Somatic Education
Here's the procedure technique for identifiying and handling fear of failure and fear of success.

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* 1. (asked of oneself): What fear of success might someone have relative to Hanna somatic education successfully going mainstream?

Make a list.

This next question, for formally-trained practitioners of Hanna somatic education, only, serves two purposes:
1. It lets you know how competent you feel to address conditions likely to come to our practices.
2. Collectively (and anonymously, unless you deliberately identify yourself), It gives a fair picture of how the entire HSE practitioner community feels about our readiness for HSE to go mainstream in a "viral" way (rippling throughout world culture).

To give us meaningful results, please answer only if you have completed basic training in Hanna somatic education as a clinical practitioner, and by 12/21/12 (the world-wide fun day).

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* 2. Here are the skill areas. Please rank your confidence level: 100 = total confidence (be authentic)

  100-91 90-81 80-71 70-61 60-51 50-41 40-31 30-21 20-11 10-1
Adhesive Capsulitis
Back Pain
Balance problems
Dislocations, frequent
Displaced Patella
Foot Pain/Tired Feet
Frequent Urination
Frozen Shoulder
Hamstring Pulls
Headaches - migraine
Headaches - sinus
Headaches - tension
Hip Pain - front
Hip Pain - side
Hip Pain - back
Knee Pain
Neck Pain
Pain, Chronic
Pain, Migrating
Psoas Muscle Pain
Plantar Fascitis (Foot Pain)
Sacro-iliac pain
Shin Splints
Shoulders, tight/painful - front
Shoulders, tight/painful - top
Shoulders, tight/painful - back
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)
TMJ/TMD Syndrome
Uneven Leg Length
Teaching Somatic Exercises to Groups
Teaching Somatic Exercises One-on-One

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* 3. (asked of oneself) What fear of failure might someone have relative to Hanna somatic education going mainstream?

Here's the "pandiculation" part of dealing with any fears you've acknowledged or discovered. It's a special application of the Diamond Penetration (SuperPandiculation) Technique applied to negative emotions, which are contracted somatic states. *It makes the negative emotional charge fade and disappear.

Once you've identified any fears,

1. Put your full attention into the feeling of one fear-item (issue you've identified, above) at a time. Notice the location of the feeling in you as you feel it, somatically. It has a location, a shape, and a size that you can feel. Work with one item to completion* before going to the next.

2. While holding your attention on it, create a memory of your feeling-experience of it (your feeling OF it, not your feelings or thoughts ABOUT it). This is an unusual attention-maneuver. You create a memory of the thing "on top of" holding your attention on it. This action reinforces your somatic awareness. This is the "contraction" phase of the emotional pandiculation.

3. Release your attention from the fear-item while holding the memory of it.

4. Repeat (1.) - (3.) until you can do them easily and they match closely or identically. Scan yourself for sensations you may have missed and include them in memory.

5. In a final repetition of (3.), release both your attention from the fear-item and from your memory of it. This is the "release" phase of the emotional pandiculation. Slowly is better.

If any charge remains, repeat until gone. Then, select the next item until you've handled all the issues you have identified.

This procedure is for people who want to "take their foot off the brake, put it to the accelerator, and steer" so we can succeed.

DEFINITION OF DIFFICULTY: having one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake at the same time

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* 4. If you'd like to be in communication, please email and/or provide your contact information, here.