All Saints' Church, Cottenham, Survey 2014

Dear friends,
All Saints’ Church has a unique place in the history of Cottenham.
At All Saints’ we are privileged to share God’s love for everyone at all times of year. We do this through weekly Sunday services, at special life events for individuals and families, by helping people facing personal difficulties and in everyday activities in the village.
Because All Saints’ is part of the Church of England, anyone can have a christening/baptism, wedding or funeral here, whether or not they come often to church. The building is open every day so that visitors can freely enjoy their parish church.
People’s ideas and experience of church have changed considerably over the centuries. Our regular church attendance is now around 1% of the village population, though you may be surprised how lively that 1% is. We represent all ages and backgrounds, from babies to people in their 90s. At Christmas and Easter it is also a real joy to welcome many hundreds of people to services.
We face big challenges in 2014. Did you know that the Church of England is no longer rich and we are not publicly funded? Like most other village churches, we rely on regular giving by individuals and a few other sources of income. We struggle to raise around £96,000 a year for Cottenham. That’s the sum required to enable the villages of Cottenham and Rampton to have a full-time vicar and to keep the building open, to pay large heating, lighting, maintenance and other bills. Nearly every other job at All Saints’ is done by volunteers.
From 2014 we have to think creatively about how we continue to serve the village, about what we do and about how we make the church more accessible to everyone.
The survey questions on the next pages are a way for me to get to know the whole village better and for you to get to know us better. We’d like to make it possible for you to feel that All Saints’ isn’t just the historic village church, but that it’s your village church.
The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and you can answer as many questions as you wish. It will help us if you can do this by 31st May 2014.
Your answers will be treated in strictest confidence and we will only contact you if you have asked us to do so.
Thank you in advance for your time and help.
Yours sincerely,

The Revd Kylie Hodgins
All Saints’ Church Cottenham