1. Greetings 2016 School Groups,

Thank you for having your group join us at YMCA Camp Sloper this year! We are always trying to improve on program and service here and this survey will give us an opportunity to gain some valuable feedback on how your program went and what improvements we can make for next year.

Thanks - Justin Hubeny, Outdoor Center Program Director

* 1. What program did you participate in?

* 2. Grade(s) of students who attended:

* 3. How did you hear about your YMCA Camp Sloper program?

* 4. How would you rate your experience? (Please choose one)

* 5. Please comment on your experience at YMCA Camp Sloper.

* 6. Overall, how would you rate the staff at YMCA Camp Sloper?

* 7. Please comment on what you enjoyed about YMCA Camp Sloper staff:

* 8. Please comment on what the YMCA Camp Sloper staff could have done to make your experience even better:

* 9. Do you have any other programs that you would like to see offered at YMCA Camp Sloper?

* 10. Overall, how would you rate the communication from camp?

* 11. Overall, how would you rate the YMCA Camp Sloper facility?

* 12. Do you have any ideas how to improve YMCA Camp Sloper's school group programs?