* 1. I have created 6 categories or guideposts which I believe drive creativity. How relevant are these 6 categories to you? For more information on this and a cool graphic, check out www.dailycreatives.com/blog

  Not at all relevant Somewhat Neutral Strong Extremely relevant
Learning - research, reading, taking courses, investigation, asking questions, exploration.
Self-care - spiritual practice, meditation, exercise, thoughts, rest, massage.
Connection - relationships, love, empathy, serving others, community.
Making - or hand work, such as knitting, gardening, sewing, styling hair, applying makeup, art.
Travel - airplane travel, walking, window shopping, commuting on a bus or a train.
Play - games, dancing or telling funny jokes.

* 2. Which activities would you like to experience in the retreat for each of the categories shown below? For example, meditation, crochet, improv, website building. List as many activities as you like.

* 3. Which form of learning works best for you?

  Not at all relevant Somewhat Neutral Strong Extremely relevant
Independent research
Reading before and during a seminar
Group lecture and discussion
Watching video
Active hands on participation
One on one instruction

* 4. What have you liked most about retreats, conferences or seminars you have attended?

* 5. How do you prefer to meet new people? Please rank, 1 being the most important

* 6. Please consider the following items and confirm your preferences.

  Budget Economy Mid range Business class High end spa quality
Food and beverage

* 7. What is your favourite way to socialize and have fun? Please rank these from 1 to 5 in order of importance to you.

* 8. How would you prefer to organize yourself for a retreat? Check all boxes which apply.

* 9. Ideally, what is your preferred length of time for a retreat?

* 10. Would you like to know more about what I am working on and watch the progress of my retreat development? If so, please enter your first name and email address below and I will respectfully send you updates from my blog.