Interlibrary Loan - Frequently Asked Questions

Please review before proceeding. 
What is ILL? A process that allows us to borrow materials from other libraries, on our patrons’ behalf.

What can be requested? Books and copies of articles. New items (less than a year old) and audio/visual items cannot be ordered. Requested materials cannot be in the catalog of another public library in the area (defined as the Poquoson, Hampton, or Newport News Public Libraries) - library cards to these libraries are available, free of charge, to Virginia residents.

Who can request items? You must be a York County resident to use the ILL service.

How do I request an item? Please fill out this form with as much information as possible. Fill out a separate form for each item.

How many items may be requested? Up to 5 items at a time.

How long does it take? At least a week or more. A library must be willing/able to loan the item, and sometimes many libraries  reject our requests until a library is found that will loan the title. Sometimes, no library will agree to lend an item.

What is the loan period for an ILL? The loan period is determined by the lending library.

Can I renew an Interlibrary Loan? Maybe. Renewals are not guaranteed as it is up to the lending library to grant more time with the item. We need to be notified via email ( at least a week before the item is due, so that we can send a renewal request. You will be notified of the new due date, if the renewal is approved. If not, the item is due by the original date.

When can I re-request an item that I previously checked out? We recommend waiting at least two weeks before submitting a request for an item that you just returned. If it has been longer than two weeks, feel free to submit another request for that item. We cannot guarantee item availability.

Is there a charge? York County Library does not charge patrons for use of the ILL system. 

What if I return the item(s) late? Late fines for each item are $1 per each day past the item's due date.

What if I do not pick up a requested item? Per ILL policy, patrons who fail to pick up their ILL request without notifying ILL staff will not be eligible for ILL borrowing for 2 months. Failure to pick up a second time will result in ineligibility for 6 months, and any subsequent instances will result in ineligibility for 12 months

What if I remove the white book band or return the item in the bookdrop? You will be reminded of ILL procedure on the first instance. Patrons who repeatedly ignore Interlibrary Loan rules-for instance, remove the white band from the cover of ILL books, return ILL items in book drops, or return ILL items damaged-will not be eligible for ILL borrowing.

What if I lose a book or fail to turn it in? Per ILL policy, If an interlibrary loan item is lost, the lending institution establishes the cost of the lost item, which is charged to the responsible borrower (i.e. yourself), including any fees charged. Books that are never turned in are treated as lost items and also must be paid for by the borrower (i.e. yourself).


ILL Correspondence is done primarily through email. Please make sure to provid