Dear EBBID Business,

To better understand the business conditions and impacts facing your company, the EBBID has commissioned this survey.

It is designed to gather information on the business and economic conditions facing the EBBID community.

The data collected is critical to telling your story so we may better understand the overall EBBID business climate. We ask that you spend a few minutes answering the survey questions so your voice can be included in the data. The information provided will be confidential and only used for internal data collection.

As always, the EBBID team is available to help support your business growth and address your business environment concerns.

Please contact me at 718-385-6700 ext. 19, 347452-9922  or visit our website if you want more information on our programs and services.

Thank you,

Bill Wilkins,
Executive Director
And the EBBID Team.