Tuesday, March 20, 2018, from noon-1:00pm at the Westin Seattle

YouthCare is honored to partner with businesses in the community in helping homeless youth move off the streets and develop their potential. We anticipate 1,300 guests will join us once again to hear from young people who found support and guidance from YouthCare.

We hope you will join us as a sponsor for YouthCare's 33rd Annual Luncheon on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, noon-1:00pm at The Westin Seattle.
As our community faces unprecedented challenges as well as innovation and inspiration, we would be grateful for your trust and partnership as we help homeless youth move forward. Sponsorship inspires luncheon guests in their own giving as they know every dollar they donate goes directly to YouthCare's mission.

If you have questions about sponsorship or know someone who might be interested in sponsoring YouthCare's 2018 Luncheon, please email Jody Waits at jody.waits@youthcare.org or call at (206) 267-3074. 

If you have questions about payment options, please email Gabbi Sawrey at gabbi.sawrey@youthcare.org or call her at (206) 204-1403.


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Thank you for your support! We will be in touch soon to confirm and send you additional information. Questions? Please email Gabbi Sawrey at gabbi.sawrey@youthcare.org or call her at (206) 204-1403.