Welcome to the OMAC Remote Access Workgroup Survey

Thank you for your time. This survey is part of the OMAC Remote Access Workgroup to develop a "Best Practices" handbook for remotely accessing industrial automation systems and equipment. Your participation will help us understand how you are using or intending to use this technology, what barriers do you see towards its adoption or benefits.

As a "thank you" for your time and input, you will receive a free copy of the report of this survey's results if you provide us with your email. You may complete the survey anonymously but if you choose to provide personal details, rest assured that we keep them confidential. The results will be shown only in aggregate.

If there are others in your organization suited to complete this survey and who could benefit from getting the results, please forward this survey for them to complete. Plant Operators, Engineers, Service Managers, IIoT Product Leaders and IT & OT leaders will likely be most versed in this technology. Please submit your responses by Dec 01, 2020.

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