If your baby was born in the Year of the Dog, consider yourself a lucky mother. Your child will not have personality disorders even in teenage years, when all young people have. Generous and slightly shy, babies born this year will be surrounded by sincere friends, for whom they are willing to do anything anytime. Indeed, children born in the Year of the Dog have some more expensive tastes, so you should already start saving.

The ideal career

They do not want their strength, but they work hard. They will be excellent pediatricians, but they will also excel in the music industry. Another suitable job for them is the interior designer as they are very nagging and ingenious.


Decorate your child's room with vases full of carnations, your baby's lucky flowers. You can also paint the walls of the camera in shades of brown, red or even purple, which bring good luck to those born in the Dog's Year.

From Feb. 19, when the New Moon, we step into the New Year of the Woodland, and we will be governed by February 7, 2018. In this interval, we will go through a favorable stage marked by many joys and of changes with beneficial effects on the professional and material level.

Rat (Sagittarius): luck will not suck in your career and health is not the best, but you will not lack money. Love life will improve.

Bivol (Capricorn): You will concentrate energy on your career and you will have many professional opportunities. Money and love are more delicate chapters.

Tiger (Aquarius): If you are alone, you will find your soul mate in 2018. No professional development and no alarming health problem.

Rabbit: An excellent year from the professional, financial and emotional point of view, and the health problems will go away.

Dragon (Aries): The greatest achievements will be professional in the Year of the dog, but you will not neglect your health.

Snakes (Taurus): Career and money will not be strong points in 2018. Snake sign natives are prone to accidents.

Cal (Gemini): You are busy with energy this year, but professional and financial success will not be higher than in the past. The affectionate, in return, yes.

Goat (Cancer): Many professional and financial opportunities in Year of Goat, but less in love.

Monkey (Leo): You will enjoy appreciation at work and enjoy a very good love affair in 2018.

Cocos (Virgo): You will work hard this year, but you will have financial success. Attention to health!