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* 1. Regarding Southwest Washington Medical Center (SWMC)clinical staff willingness and skill level with teaching, rate the following.

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Collaborated with me/my students in setting clinical learning objectives and expectations
Assisted me/my students in finding appropriate learning opportunities
Was receptive to my questions and viewpoint
Provided me/my students a balance of supervision/independence based on my own knowledge and skill level
Immediately followed up with me when an intervention was needed to ensure patient safety

* 2. Regarding interpersonal communications rate the SWMC clinical staff on the following.

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Welcomed to nursing unit by introducing you to others
Established and fostered a helpful and two-way relationship with you
Encouraged you to ask questions
Provided ongoing/timely feedback on my progress/my student's progress in a respectful manner
Demonstrated professionalism in the RN role

* 3. Regarding clinical knowledge, rate the SWMC unit staff on the following.

  Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
Demonstrated knowledge, expertise and guidance in accessing resources for the unit's patient population
Provided guidance in accurate documentation in the medical record
Used effective clinical judgment in reinforcing and building my/my student(s) critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills

* 4. What was the most helpful action the staff/preceptor did to help you/your student(s)meet the course clinical objectives?

* 5. How could you/your student(s) clinical experience at this facility have been improved?

* 6. Is there anyone you would like to mention that was especially helpful during this clinical rotation?

* 7. Any additional comments?